The Promethues Steam Engine System

What is The Prometheus Engine?

The Prometheus Engine is an alternative to the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), ironically abbreviated in the opposite affect it is having on our planet. Prometheus is different because it uses a clean burning renewable resource as fuel: Corn! The Prometheus Engine is designed to run on simple ethanol, easily produced by the farmer who grows the crop.

Steam Engine Powered Bus

Powered by simple steam, the engine is capable of powering cars, trucks, buses, snow plows, tractors, forklifts,  zambonies, even ocean-going ships and high-flying airplanes too. The steam engine system is safe, very reliable, powerful and runs nearly silently.

Steam Engine Benefits

Extremely Safe

Steam is Safe PowerInherently the safest engine ever put into any vehicle because of the simplicity and design of the system. The system runs on ethanol, much less volatile than gasoline, with no combustion located near the engine.

Low Maintenance Cost

Steam Engines are Low MaintentanceNeeds 85 – 90% less repair and maintenance. The Prometheus steam engine turbine has nearly an unlimited lifespan because it has only two moving parts in contact solely with ultra-long-life roller bearings.

High Performance

Steam Engines are Powerful and QuietMore power and torque at all RPM ranges, especially at low RPMs. The engine is lightweight, low vibration, and modular in design.

Renewable Bio-Fuel Fuel Powered

Steam Engine Runs on Farmer's EthanolUses 100% bio-fuel (95% alcohol and 5% water ethanol) which is non-hazardous and nearly  pollution free. Fuel cost savings are between 30-70%!

 More About the Engine

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